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    This race ended 11/28/20 - check out the final activity below.

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    This race ended 11/28/20 - check out the final activity here.

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    • VeganNotary Dec 5, 2020
      Today I had a " Walk with a Doc" Zoom call and did a 30 minute walk video. My challenge for December is to walk 1-2, 3 or even 4 miles a day. This past Wednesday and Thursday I was hit with sinuse pressure, so took those days off.
      Fantastic! Sorry to hear about the sinus pressure. I hope you are better to easily knock out the mileage this week!
    • VeganNotary Dec 2, 2020
      I am still walking everyday. Going for 1-2 miles plus adding in some of Leslie's Sansone's " Walk at Home", videos. I've clocked 63 minutes doing the " Blue, and Pink" Miracle Mile videos.
      Fantastic! @WalkCoach check this out!
    • RLH Nov 30, 2020
      The 2020 Walk with a Doc Challenge has officially come to an end. We spent two weeks virtually moving along Mt. Kilimanjaro and we've enjoyed every moment, every story, every photo, and every mile! Thank you for putting in the steps and enduring the aches, pains, and blisters. Together we have walked 23,000 miles!! Thanks to your incredible generosity, we've raised over $60,000 for Walk with a Doc. Your support is helping to secure the future for our WWAD programming and will allow us to reach more people and impact more lives. As the African proverb says, "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." Thank you for taking this journey with us - we have indeed "gone far - together!" Thanks to our amazing sponsors AARP and Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone, and thanks to friends who helped promote AllTrails, Fleet Feet + FrontRunner, Texas Medical Association.
    • del_SrU4Og Nov 29, 2020
      I hope you are all having great Thanksgiving weekend! Thank you for the great activity during the UK lockdown time! If anyone would be interested to connect, I am on Instagram as @DrEgleYates All the best & until next time!!!
    • CBS Nov 28, 2020
      I had a blast, thanks for the motivation. It was very fun.
    • SunshineCH Nov 28, 2020
      How about Mt. Denali. I also like Machu Picchu.
    • RLH Nov 28, 2020
      We hope you're enjoying this Kilimanjaro adventure! Today is the final day. If we were to do another virtual walk event in the future... where would you like to go? Let us know in the comments below.
      I have always wanted to hike the Appalachian trail. But that’s probably hundreds of miles? Maybe just part of it?
      Machu Picchu in the Andes Mountains in Peru. 4 day hike from Cusco to Machu Picchu - maybe too short for our WWAD mountaineers! #wwadmaconga
      https://www.mississippirive.... 3000 miles. Might need longer than 2 weeks ;)
      Everest? Continental Divide National Scenic Trail, maybe a section of it. Wicklow Way.
    • CATrue Nov 26, 2020
      Happy Thanksgiving!! Grateful for the opportunity to get outside today :)
    • Leeney Nov 26, 2020
      Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Be healthy and safe!
    • VeganNotary Nov 26, 2020
      Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Celebration Everyone. With gratitude in our hearts for good health!!
    • OhJ Nov 26, 2020
      Wishing you all a safe and happy Thanksgiving!
    • DawnB Nov 26, 2020
      Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!
    • Guk Nov 25, 2020
      Happy Thanksgiving to all! Hopefully you now have room for pie tomorrow.
      Yes, Happy Thanksgiving All! Happy Turkey Trotting.
      HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone! Thank you for such a lovely challenge activity during the UK lockdown month! x
    • VeganNotary Nov 25, 2020
      3 Bandaids and some Neosporin did the trick.
    • KayH Nov 24, 2020
      Crunch Cardio Dance Blast! It's from 2005 so the workout clothes are kind of funky.
    • VeganNotary Nov 24, 2020
      I love seeing everybody's walking trails what beautiful scenic routes and awesome photography.!!
      I agree - apart from seeing Kilimanjaro, we also get to see all sorts of other fabulous places!
    • UGADAWG4LIFE Nov 24, 2020
      At my boxing sesh, got in the ring for the first time throwing 1-2 punches, then got on the punching bag. Challenging-yes, but I’m loving the variety! #wwadmaconga #letsdothis #getsome
      Sounds like fun! I love how you are trying new activities!
    • RLH Nov 24, 2020
      @DrKerry @Lorene1234 @Ethel @DJK @OlgaJoukovski @Ninza @dickmoore @ENDURNC @BrownWater @Gouty @Watsbubba @Robwalks @Ranie Thank you again for donating. We owe you a Kili t-shirt. Please respond here with your unisex t-shirt size or email me directly at Thank you!
      Happy to be in the race
      My T shirt size is medium
      This was an excellent experience.
      Large for me
      Medium - Thanks :)
    • CBS Nov 24, 2020
      I am ready to trek again but I am curious what music people are listening to. For this race my top 10 songs are Bang by AJR, Rain on me by Lady Gaga, That's Life by Frank Sinatra, songs from the new AC/DC album, and Lizzo,
      Have you checked out the WWAD playlist? 254 fun, walkable songs...
      @RLH No but I am now.
      Did you know that they had a walk with a doc playlist on Spotify, check it out
      @VeganNotary yes tank you
      thank you
    • bromey Nov 23, 2020
      Don't forget... If you missed any basecamp videos from the past week, you can find them all here: Thank you to all of the incredible Walk leaders that took the time to share your wisdom and encouraging words with us!
    • RLH Nov 23, 2020
      We came together on Kili to motivate, inspire and connect. A sense of community has always been the lifeblood of our work at WWAD. We certainly hope you feel socially connected on this climb. I need to take a moment to pause from all the hype to tap into the community we've collectively formed. A heavy email was in my inbox this morning from Dr. Donna Michel. You know her as a leader on the climb @DrDonna , and she led us through strength, stability and stretching here: The details aren't mine to share, but she is by her husband Rob's bedside in the ICU supporting him for the foreseeable future. Whether you are a prayer warrior, positive vibe creator, virtual hug giver or anything else, please help me wrap Dr. Donna and Rob in a blanket of peace. @DrDonna , love is on the way. We are with you and yours.
    • RLH Nov 23, 2020
      The “real” route update: Today we leave Horombo Huts and head to Kibo Huts at an elevation of 15,430 ft. This is alpine desert and you will be pleased you packed warm clothes. We will climb gradually, then cross the lunar desert of the “Saddle” between Mawenzi and Kibo. Our camp, Kibo Hut, sits at the bottom of the Kibo crater wall. Once here we rest, enjoy an early dinner to prepare for the summit day. Our goal of reaching the highest free-standing mountain is one day away!
    • BrownWater Nov 22, 2020
      Crazy Craig Welcome back, great to see OH Maple parked on Head of Pond
    • Mkh4ever Nov 22, 2020
      Thanks for welcome- since I started so late- gotta get pumping! About to jump on bike! Go go go!😍
    • RLH Nov 22, 2020
      A heartfelt welcome to those who just joined us on the mountain! @ERL @GDocRun @J9Hanigan @Sgoody555 @Mkh4ever . We are cheering for you!
    • UGADAWG4LIFE Nov 21, 2020
      AM Workout! Had to switch it up a bit and try something new - boxing! Join Me!! #gottashockthebody #cantstopwontstop #wwadmaconga #letsdothis #getsome
      Boxing! Sounds intense!
      A second lap? Does it reset or add to the existing log?
      Sorry - posted on the wrong comment!
      I love boxing
    • OhJ Nov 21, 2020
      For those of you who have already finished the Walk Challenge, did you know you can start over again? Wanna do a second lap?
      Does it reset or add to the log?
      @CATrue great question. It adds to the log. When you click on the "athlete" tap you'll see yourself under the "ultramarathoner" list. We know you will be getting after it! Thanks for taking a second pass at Kili!
    • OhJ Nov 21, 2020
      Don't forget to check out the latest Basecamp video!! Even during this period of physical distancing, Dr. Ravi I. Kumar reminds us that it's important to find ways to stay socially connected... like participating in the Walk Challenge or connecting with your local AARP group. New basecamp videos will go live every day at 9:00 AM Eastern Time and can be found on this Facebook Group or our website:
    • dcr Nov 21, 2020
      It's a rainy Saturday so walking outside might be very soggy, but this is a great challenge!
    • arocks Nov 20, 2020
      I am loving this virtual race, thanks to all for all their hard work..Rachael & Bryan thanks for this. Arlene
      So happy you are with us on this journey @arocks !
    • VeganNotary Nov 20, 2020
      Love and thanks to everyone. Blisters are healing nicely. 😊🦶🦶
      Rock tape is saving my feet.
    • bromey Nov 20, 2020
      Don't forget to check into basecamp! Dr. @ADDIE24 Briggs is full of energy and sure to motivate you in today's video!
      Heartfelt thanks to all the docs that took the time to make these basecamp videos possible!
    • RLH Nov 20, 2020
      The “real” route update: We will trek from Horombo Huts to Mawenzi Ridge at 14,400 ft and will then descend back to Horombo Huts for the night. This is an extra day meant for acclimatization and it gives us the opportunity to marvel at the peaks of Kibo and Mawenzi. This is unique landscape with captivating views.
    • J-Crew Nov 19, 2020
      Hey Julie! Great to share the miles only a 10th mile apart. We're nearly half-way....
    • VeganNotary Nov 19, 2020
      Today I am taking care of my blisters. Doing 2, 45 minutes of walk, HIIT aerobics videos in my garage. And hours work. Take good care everyone today!!
      House work.
      Hope the blisters are healing!
      Hi, thank you. They are 90% healed.
      Do you know about Duoderm or Restore for blisters? At a medical supply or home health store or on line. Great covering.
    • RLH Nov 19, 2020
      Thank you to everyone who responded to @DSabs and @KSabs (David and Kristin Sabgir's) $10,000 match! This generosity inspired the Brandon family to add $1,000 to the matching funds. And...drumroll please...we have matched your donations with this $11,00! But that's not all, we want to say thank you to @D-Rock (Donna Raque) who closed out the match last night with her big-hearted donation of $500. Thank you @ADK1979 and @darla314 (Tony and Corinne Konecny) for getting the military alumni associations involved (including @dickmoore ) and creating a match of your own. And @JoelKahn (Joel and Kathy Kahn) for their magnanimous gift of $1,000. Thank you to the Sabgir, Brandon, Kahn, Konecny, and Raque families! And thank you to all of you for helping us to double the impact! The match is now over, but our gratitude continues!!! Every dollar raised will help Walk with a Doc expand our reach and bring the power of walking, health education, and social connection to the masses. What’s your “why”? Reducing the risk of heart disease? Cancer? Stroke? Another one of these reasons? Whatever it is, know that these generous contributions will have a life-long impact on many people around the world.
      Wow, this is terrific news all the way around! Amazing generosity!!
      Adding my thanks for this generosity!
    • bromey Nov 19, 2020
      How are you staying motivated throughout the Walk Challenge? Check out today's basecamp video for some tips:"
    • RLH Nov 19, 2020
      Real Route Update: After spending the night at Mandara Huts we begin to journey to Horombo Huts. We start the day continuing through the forest until the trail opens into high moorland. We may get our first views of Kibo and Mawenzi peaks – two of the three volcanic peaks that make up the summit of Kilimanjaro. The elevation is increasing and we end the day at 12,205 ft. Fortunately, we have our guide Daniel Kilango with us!
    • OhJ Nov 18, 2020
      Just checked the weather forecast for Kilimanjaro - heavy snowfall predicted for Thursday as we get into the higher elevations. So, bundle up and stay safe!
    • OhJ Nov 18, 2020
      Welcome to our new walkers! It's great to have you join the party! And thanks to all the generous donors! You are appreciated!
    • del_SrU4Og Nov 18, 2020
      I wonder does anyone here use the app “MapMyRun” regularly?
      I used to all the time!
      I used map my ride for years. Switched to strava last year.
    • RLH Nov 18, 2020
      Throughout this 2-week challenge we'll share information on the WWAD Facebook Group about the “real” route we are taking as we trek up Mount Kilimanjaro. The route we are using is called the Marangu Route (also called the Coca Cola route). The trek began in the south-east area of the mountain at Marangu Gate. The hiking trail begins by ascending a beautiful, tropical rainforest. At the upper edge of the forest line, we have the opportunity to see blue monkeys. The trail then widens to expose beautiful hillsides until we reach Mandara Hut. Yesterday we were at an elevation of 8,858 ft!
    • UGADAWG4LIFE Nov 18, 2020
      Who needs coffee when you have the wonderful cold air to wake you up and get you moving #cantstopwontstop #wwadmaconga #letsdothis #getsome #keepitmoving
      I know that's right!
    • KSabs Nov 18, 2020
      Name the time and place @RHamm
      Teleport me in please!
      Do you want to meet Lisa and I at 530 tomorrow?
    • KSabs Nov 18, 2020
      @RHamm and @RLH unless you both have already knocked out those last couple miles this morning - which I have no doubt you may have done!
      @ksabs and @rlh not there yet! Run with us tomorrow morning!
    • KSabs Nov 18, 2020
      @RHamm and @RLH why do I feel like we should be walking this in together? It's like we are all just around the corner on the trail!
      Wish I could bring it home with you! Let me know how it looks at the summit. I’ll be there soon!
    • RLH Nov 18, 2020
      I see you @dickmoore. Your generosity has no bounds.
    • KayH Nov 17, 2020
      Thanks to daughter Amanda for contributing to my efforts and to David S. for matching her donation!
      @AmandaKunstmann and @KayH thank you both! @DSabs too of course!
    • SMO Nov 17, 2020
      This is exciting!!!!!!!
    • SMO Nov 17, 2020
      THX to everyone cheering me on!!!!!!! I'm inspired to go go go.......
      You are so fun!
    • VeganNotary Nov 17, 2020
      Feel so blessed to be part of this walking challenge. It is truly inspiring it's keeping me motivated accountable and more particular to be setting my goals every day.
      @VeganNotary thanks for taking the time to write this! We love to hear it. Do you have any fun goal ideas to help motivate others?
      @RLHGo the pace you can go and have fun.
    • bromey Nov 17, 2020
      Today's Basecamp video is live! Check out Dr. Mohammed's video on stress, mindfulness, and meditation.
    • RLH Nov 17, 2020
      On behalf of the entire Walk with a Doc Team, @DSabs , @bromey , @OhJ and @RLH would like to celebrate all 471 of you for committing to this challenge and scaling the mountain YOUR way at YOUR pace. Every step is a step toward better health.
    • DawnB Nov 16, 2020
      Have a great night all or morning etc wherever you are 🙌😊 see you all tomorrow for more walking!
    • Leeney Nov 16, 2020
      Thank you to everyone supporting me in the race. Much appreciated!!
    • MizSue Nov 16, 2020
      Thank you Anonymous donors!
    • BobbieT Nov 16, 2020
      Keep up the good work everyone!!
    • Cochran Nov 16, 2020
      Thanks for your support!
    • DawnB Nov 16, 2020
      Thank you Anonymous donors for supporting all of us!!
    • Grandpa_Dean Nov 16, 2020
      TO: Anonymous...Thanks so much for helping to support and inspire everyone who is participating in this "climb" of the Fall...!
    • Eln Nov 16, 2020
      Many thanks for this donation!
    • Duby Nov 16, 2020
      Gracias to anonymous donors. In this together!
    • BDS Nov 16, 2020
      Thank you for the donations!
    • coachjoe Nov 16, 2020
      Appreciate all of the support!
    • Janibelle Nov 16, 2020
      Thank everyone for your donations and encouragement!
    • Mombo Nov 16, 2020
      Really appreciate the donations!
    • VeganNotary Nov 16, 2020
      Thank you for all of the contributions including the anonymous ones.!!
    • UGADAWG4LIFE Nov 15, 2020
      Thank you for the all of the contributions including the anonymous ones; I appreciate it! #wwadmaconga #letsdothis #getsome
    • DawnB Nov 15, 2020
      Thank you @anonymous for your contribution 😊
    • MRN Nov 15, 2020
      Thank you!
    • Fran49 Nov 15, 2020
      Thanks for helping out!
    • Cobie Nov 15, 2020
      Thanks so much.
    • Mitzi Nov 15, 2020
      Thanks so much for your contribution!
    • LarrySperling Nov 15, 2020
      Fantastic day in virtual Tanzania. May have spotted a serval cat from the distance (or maybe just a neighbor's cat?). Bugs have not been too bad. starting to acclimate.
      Where's the "lol" button this platform?!
    • CBS Nov 15, 2020
      This my third straight race the 423k across MA, the birthday marathon I finished today and this challenge. Tomorrow is my birthday and I wil be walking.
    • UGADAWG4LIFE Nov 15, 2020
      @DSabs @KSabs I saw your FB post about Thanksgiving & COVID; great message for us all. How can I get a #walkwithadoc facemask? I could not find it on the website.
      @UGADAWG4LIFE: Thank you! Those were a great gift from my office manager @Reva. I will touch base with her to get the company name. I will get you a couple if we can find the manufacturer. Nice work on Kili btw!
    • gracie58 Nov 15, 2020
      Impressive activity levels for some who finished or almost finished the trek! I am just taking my time and enjoying the views
      A great way to go! Enjoy the scenery.
    • DSabs Nov 15, 2020
      I cannot find 'Watch 2 hours of golf' on my drop-down list. Is anyone having trouble with this?
      It’s right next to binge watch The Queen’s Gambit!
      I thought you had a treadmill TV ??
    • UGADAWG4LIFE Nov 15, 2020
      This #walkwithadoc #kilimanjaro Challenge is a brilliant idea; I have decided to challenge myself to some weight loss goals during this many lbs. can I shed in a 2 week period? I love a challenge! #letsdothis #bringit #wwadmaconga #getsome
      My favorite Georgia Bulldog: You are well on your way, my goodness, you are doing great!
      Go girl, go!
      Maybe 4 Ibs?
      I'm a Georgia grad....go dawgs!
      Set simple daily actions and you’re sure to lose those pounds!
      Sure thing Coach!
    • Cochran Nov 15, 2020
      Got 4 miles in today despite the Ohio weather. When challenges arise, take the curve and move on.
    • CoachClaire Nov 15, 2020
      Beautiful weather in Florida this weekend so no excuses!
      Windy and rainy in Columbus, OH but probably still no excuses!
      @OhJ I know that's right!
    • Chaun Nov 14, 2020
      First day was just lovely. Nice start to my climb. I pushed myself to walk a little further than normal and it felt great!
      Love it! See you on the trail tomorrow 10:00 am. Looking forward to it!
      Loved seeing the pic of you and Rachael. You are awesome and thank you for your video. Very kind of you, Chaun. So glad you guys could meet today.
      @DSabs, @Chaun is incredible. I could have walked the day away with her!
    • Sonal Nov 14, 2020
      What hashtags# are you all using when posting on Social media?
    • gracie58 Nov 14, 2020
      Off to a great start on this blustery day
      Are you in Colorado? Cause it is blustery in Denver
      @Hewlett yes, I live in Denver, near Crestmoor park
      It is quite blustery in Colorado Springs today as well. It blew me and my 13 year old Silky Terrier right back inside and me onto the treadmill and she in napping mode!
    • JohnSR Nov 14, 2020
      Great Kick Off meeting !! Looking forward to getting my miles in each day as i continue on my re-hab for pinched nerve in neck. Hopefully it will not slow me down.,
    • BibiClimbs Nov 14, 2020
      And a big big SHOUT OUT to Caroline Eller, our Fitness Trainer at Tryon Estates, for getting behind the Kilimanjaro Challenge. She encouraged and assisted many of our 36 “climbers” to register.
    • UGADAWG4LIFE Nov 14, 2020
      Already kicked off one of my walks this morning at the beautiful Amerson River Park #letsdothis #wwad #wwadmaconga #getsome
    • Ze-Ze Nov 14, 2020
      Hi there, looking forward to today's 10am event kick-off, with fond regard!
    • Artz Nov 14, 2020
      Thank you to all who donated!
    • Rohit Nov 14, 2020
      Dsabs and the wwad team- what a great idea! #sanger wwad program is here and ready to walk... Er I mean climb!
      Dr. Ro! So awesome to see you here on the mountain representing #sanger. Let's do this!
      Thrilled to have you on the mountain Ro and #sanger! Dr. Mehta you are a force of good. So proud to have you as a friend.
    • dcr Nov 13, 2020
      Can't wait to appreciate all of the views!
    • Asha321 Nov 13, 2020
      Thank you so much for all the donations supporting ALL of the racers!
    • del_SrU4Og Nov 13, 2020
      Personal message to @OldSoldier1 - I came across your bio & I am very impressed! E.
      Thanks for pointing that out! @OldSoldier1 thank you for your service and commitment to health! You are crushing it.
    • DSabs Nov 12, 2020
      Everybody rest up tonight. It's two days before the event that matters the most. 7-9 hours would be perfect.
    • DSabs Nov 12, 2020
      Anyone else arriving at Kilimanjaro International Airport tonight? I'd love to share a ride. ;) See you soon!!!
      We will need a few buses - this group is growing and growing!
      @OhJ We definitely need a bigger bus!
    • PCWalker Nov 11, 2020
      Eagle: Thank you for the donation.
    • DSabs Nov 11, 2020
      Just checked Saturday's forecast in Tanzania. Low of 77 with high of 86. Chance of rain - so you might want to pack a lightwt jacket?
      It's the start of the rainy season! So definitely bring a jacket! :)
      Bet the aardvarks are in their burrows
    • Pharnz52 Nov 11, 2020
      Thanks to all the donor participants. That generosity gives incentive beyond mere challenge and enjoyment. Blessings to you.
    • OccDoc Nov 11, 2020
      Egle Thank you so much for your donation.
    • DSabs Nov 11, 2020
      Ok, so we have some very famous people on this mountain. Please everyone, just act normal :). This is going to be so much fun!
      I love it! By the way, aren’t we all kinda famous in our own way!! #wwad #celebritystatus #letsdothis #wwadmaconga
      Yes! You are right!
      I know that's right!
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    • From: Rongai Gate, Tanzania
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    • Start date: November 14, 2020
    • End date: November 28, 2020
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    • Route distance: 44.2 miles
    • Total logged: 22,881.7 miles
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    At times like these, we could all use a little encouragement! Walk with a Doc is hosting this 2-week challenge to not only encourage movement but also provide opportunities for social connection and education from our incredible health experts.

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